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2012. 08. 01
24th Today is MY Day!, Tiffany




Dear International Sones, we are sorry to say this post was written by Korean only.

If you want to, for Tiffany, leave a birthday celebration message on this post.

Tiffany is always watching you guys,

and we're sure Tiffany will appreciate that.
















Thank God we found Tiffany,

the present from God.






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  1. 수정콩 2012.08.01 00:07

    네 생일을 경건한 맘으로 맞이하고 싶었는데.... 마감하고 회식자리에서 눈치 보면서~~ 축하하고 있어~~ 울 아티스트~~ 항상 나는 너를 향하고 있어~~ 스릉흔드~~ 파니야~~ ^^ 역시 팀티의 글은 읽어내려가면서 기분이 좋아지네요~~ 녀석에 대한 애정이 텍스트에 담뿍 담뿍 담겨 있어서 보는내내 행복이 떠나질 않네요~~

  2. 티풰니 2012.08.01 00:07

    진심으로 생일축하해요 언니
    언니로 인해서 사람들이 웃고 행복해하고있습니다
    그만큼 언니는 소중하고 정말 보석같은 존재지요
    때로는 힘들수도있겟지만 때로는 행복으로 가득한날이 있습니다
    행복한날을 생각하며 힘든일을 잘이겨내시고 더욱더 성장하길바래요
    사랑합니다 고맙습니다

  3. Favicon of http://soshified.com/forums/user/260643-invisiblepau/ InvisiblePau 2012.08.01 00:07

    Well it doesn't really matter when you'll get to read this.
    I just wanted to tell you in any way. So here it goes.

    People say it is when you cannot stop thinking about them but I do not think that is right. I think you know you are in love when you see them and it feels like time stops. When all you want to do is to be in their hold. When just the mention of their name can cause you to be filled with such an intense feel of yearning that it scares you.

    I never see it coming but when I finally realized and tried to stop it, it is already too late. I already gave my heart to you who is not even mine. Fany eonni, I am in too deep and the thing is this is my first time falling in love with a girl. Sorry, I just cannot hold this within myself any longer and thus I decided to voice out my feelings through writing.

    I know you do not how I feel for you but the first time I saw you I was captivated. I developed an admiration on you. Slowly, that developed into real feelings. These feelings that I had grew deeper each day. I know that this may seem absurd. I am sorry but I have fallen so deeply for you that you have became a part of me. I do not think I can handle life without you.

    You may find me weird, delusional, crazy and even think that I am saying this because you are a Goddess but it is not. Even if let say you are not an SNSD, I will love you still. It’s just sucks that I am stuck here and still dependent on my parents. But the moment I can stand on my own, I will follow you to Korea. 3 years.. Please wait for me. Do not worry Fany eonni, I am not a bad person. I just really love and admire you so much that you are the only one source of my happiness and complete my life. I will find you no matter what. Just a simple talk and a picture of us together will be the highlight of my life.

    And last but not the least. Here’s my promised poem that I made especially for you.

    (1) Even Heart of Stone

    If I gaze upon that smile,
    Even as far as another mile,
    It would give joyful bliss,
    And heat up a winter solstice.

    One trail beating uphill,
    One road trotting downhill,
    Where would I go to find and see,
    A beautiful treasure waiting for me.

    I finally saw it, but I don't believe it is real,
    Just then, a crescent of moondust swirled under my heel.
    Long before I could feel my balance,
    I was swept away by your embracing trance.

    The first look of awe,
    The first strike of mystery,
    In my heart it loudly sounded
    On the ground I stood, dumbfounded.

    In that time, I snapped away,
    A feeling of excitement burst out my way.
    Just then I knew I would never own,
    Your smile that could melt, Even Hearts of Stone.

    (2) Her Secret·

    I ask her where her secret lies,
    her beauty which can entice.
    When I tell her this,
    she thinks I'm pure of lies.

    Can you blame me if I see her fiery eyes?
    The flash of her teeth?
    The stride of her step,
    or the joy in her feet?

    Maybe it's in the bend of her hair,
    the span of her hips,
    the need of her care,
    or the curl of her lips.

    A part of me thinks it's in the sun of her smile,
    another thinks it's in the grace of her style.
    But wherever she might keep her secret,
    Fany eonni is one choice I won't regret.

    I got caught up with my emotions that I made two poems.
    It's more like I'm confessing than a birthday message. Hehe.. Atleast I finally voiced it out.
    And before anything else ~~ I want to greet you a Happy Birthday!! 801 <3 Have a good one okay?
    I love you.. always ~ x

  4. Favicon of http://kumacosh.tumblr.com tedcan 2012.08.01 00:10

    Tiffany! Although I can't speak korean, but I'll always supporting you and Girls' Generation!

    Have a great 24th! I hope that someday we'll meet eye to eye.

    Forever Sone, Forever It's Girls' Generation


    Tiffany (we have a same name ;p)

  5. 메텔 2012.08.01 00:24

    파니야~ 생일 축하해~!!! 매일매일이 우리파니한테 행복한 날이 될 수 있길 기도할께~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    정말로 많이 아낀다~!!!

  6. Kevin 2012.08.01 00:25

    To Miss Tiffany Hwang,

    I hope you have a very Happy birthday and that you enjoy this day in Thailand and can celebrate with the girls and loved ones when you get back. Please always stay happy and healthy, and know that through thick and thin, we SONEs will be right there by you girls to always support you. Thank you for everything you've done, and especially for always being the kindest and most beautiful person I've come to know.

    Happy Birthday Tiffany!!


  7. Favicon of https://twitter.com/LamesterC LamesterC 2012.08.01 00:27

    Fany fany Tiffany~ how have you been doing lately? I miss you so so so much!!! TT

    It’s been a long yet fruitful 24 years for you, I supposed. You had given hope, inspiration, support and love to all the fans around the world. From debut to present, you’re still the hardworking workaholic eye-smiling Miyoung… You never stop, that just makes me worried about your health and perhaps your love story? Hehehe

    Please stop drinking too much RED BULL, you getting more and more addictive on it!!! =(

    I hope that you received the shirt from Jaewon hyung when he came back from Singapore~ PINKEU!!

    Wish you to have/had fun doing your schedule in Thailand, the land of smile! Always remember to take care of your health~

    Smile always… totoro smile…eye smile…dorky smile…whatever smile it is, just smile~ =)

    Happy birthday, Tiffany!~ Hwaitaeng!!! :D

    801 is MiYoung Day!!! Yay~~~

    God bless you =)

    I'll ♥ you always~!

  8. Favicon of http://www.twitter.com/tedcan Teddyoong 2012.08.01 00:41

    Hi! I'm here to celebrate your 24th birthday! I hope that Girls' Generation will be always in good health.

    Tiffany unnie! Please keep your eye smiles and your warmed heart. it's really comfortable to see you smiling and waving to us!

    I hope that someday I'll be approaching you in person!
    Right Now It's Girls' Generation

    Tiffany unnie! Hwaiting! keke

  9. _carebear09 2012.08.01 00:53

    as much as i want to greet you personally a happy birthday, as much as i want to hug you and give you gifts with sones from all around the world... sadly i cannot because you're there and i'm here. if ever given the chance to meet you personally, i would do all the things i said earlier. you deserve everything that happened today and every single day. you have worked hard for a long time and now that you are reaping the fruits of your hardwork... everything - the fans, the blessings and most especially girls' generation- you deserve it without question.


    Though i doubt that you'll read this, my prayers and wishes goes to you wherever you may be. fortes in fide, tiffany. fortes in fide. keep the faith and never let go.

    with all the love and care in the world,
    from a sone.

  10. bluepinkz 2012.08.01 01:13

    Happy Birthday Fany 언니 :)
    another year has passed eh , another year added to ur age .,
    but age just merely a case of mind over matter right , if u dont mind , it doesn't matter ^^
    i wish u all the best , stay healthy , n stay as u , bcause u , u already make my world without even u know it ..
    bcause u , u light up my life and u , u make me feel so many feelings that i never know that i could even feel it ..
    and u , u make me like a fool , im whipped lol , just by seeing u , i smile , seeing u smile or laugh makes me smile , and seeing u cry makes my heart hurts , a lot , and also , it makes me wanna cry , or if i can't hold it , i cry while seeing u cry , and u , u're one of a kind , an angel , walking angel , i don't know when i can see u by my own eyes , but till that time arrive , i'll be waiting patiently , bcause u , u worth every second i spent while waiting , i hate waiting , but u're worth the wait , bcause basically u teach me so many things , and u , u're amazing in ur own way , and i , i can't help to fall deeper and deeper into this endless pit , bcause u colored my world , and i realize that i , i love you , so much , u're someone to adore , someone to be a role model , bcause u , u are u , and u're perfect in the imperfect way , and i here , keep amazed for everything that u do , it's like , everything u do , i feel it like in the first time , it isn't easy to make someone awed like the first time they experienced it , but u , u did it every time , and i can't help , i can't help to say ,that you , Tiffany Hwang Miyoung , is one of the people that i respect the most , one of my role model , and u're one of the precious people for me , bcause u're amazing without u realize it ..

    Happy 24th Birthday Fany 언니 (or 23th Birthday for intl age)
    i love you , so much ..
    i do , and i will always do :)
    till the very end of me ^^ , bcause u deserve every love u get :)

    once again , Happy Birthday Fany 언니 , love ya ..
    have a blast in ur birthday , eventho u can't be together with ur 8 other sisters , but i believe , Thai SONEs make ur birthday as unforgetable birthday too and showered u with their love , once again , u deserve every love u get ^^ ..
    <3 Fany 언니 ^^ (stay healthy n take a good care of ur health k ^^ )

    and i know this isnt that good but ,,
    lol i draw it for u :P

  11. 미곰 2012.08.01 01:21

    팀티파니멤버지만.. 이번 생일 축하에도 함께하지 못했네요.ㅠ 작년에도 함께하지 못했는데.. 너무 미안해요.;;
    그래도 오늘은 생일이니까! 우울한 얘기일랑 접어두고.. 생일 진심으로 축하해요! 비록 포스팅은 함께 못했지만
    그래도 엄청엄청 축하하고.. 항상 생각하고 있답니다! 자나깨나 티파니 생각!! 잊지않았다구요.ㅎㅎ

    축하합니다. 오늘은 무슨날? today is MY day! 오늘 하루만큼은 누구보다 행복하게 지내기, 약속하기! 축하해요!

  12. `ㅎ` 2012.08.01 09:24

    파니야.....내가...말이야.....ㅠㅠㅠ 하...이 비루한 장문실력이 한탄스럽다....
    니가 웃으면 같이 웃고 울면 같이 울고 그랬던 시절이 벌써 5년이나 되었네ㅠㅠ
    무슨말이 필요하겠어 파니는 진리! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ이전의5년만큼 앞으로의50년도 잘부탁해!
    정말로 생일 축하하고....내가 정말 애정한다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  13. 지키미 2012.08.01 12:30

    미영아 생일 진심으로 축하해♥♥ 우리 팬미팅날 같이 생일파티 했잖아~난 이번생일파티 같이 축하해줬단것만으로도 너무 영광스러워ㅠㅠ 파니의 목소리에 반해서 팬된지 벌써 5년째다!! 나는 파니가 무대위에서 노래부를때가 제일 이쁜것같아~너의 목소리를 들으면 맘이 편해진다고 할까 그런것 같아ㅋㅋ그러니까 평생 노래불러줘♥ 생일 진짜진짜 축하하고 항상 뒤에서 응원할께♥♥

  14. Favicon of http://yoongkuma.tumblr.com teddongrawr 2012.08.01 14:59

    Hi! Happy Birthday 24th to you, unnie! I'm so proud to be a sone! I hope that you'll keep radiating your love to us!

    You know what unnie? My friends thought that i've a birthday too! so I've bunch of wishes! I'm so lucky today that I could celebrating my "fake" birthday with you!

    Forever Sone! and also Forever It's Girls' Generation! I hope that you'll always keep healthy. so we could meet someday. Fighting! Another wishes from me is, wish you have a great year! Much Love from me and sone!

  15. 제이 2012.08.01 22:35

    파니야, 생일 축하해.
    올해에도 네 생일을 축하해줄 수 있다는 사실이, 매년 그렇지만 새삼스럽게 참 감사하다.
    생일인데 쉬지도 못하고, 같은 하늘 아래 함께 있지도 못하지만 그래도 행복한 생일이 되었으면 좋겠어.
    요즘 들어 점점 확고해지는 생각인데, 내가 너에게 갖는 마음이 해가 갈수록, 시간이 지날수록, 더 깊어지고 더 따뜻해지는 종류의 것이라서 너무나도 다행이야. 데일 만큼 뜨겁지 않아도 네가 외롭지 않게, 춥지 않게, 늘 따뜻한 애정을 줄 수 있어서 다행이야.
    참 대단한 마음이거든, 사실. 점점 깊어간다는 게 말야. 예전의 나는 네가 웃어주는 해외팬들에게도 질투하던 속좁고 옹졸한 사람이었는데 요즘은 낯선 타국에서 외롭지 않게 널 따뜻하게 맞아줄 그 분들께 감사하고, 예전엔 더 가까운 곳에서 널 보지 못한다는 사실에 좌절했는데 이젠 그냥 너와 같은 시간을 공유한다는 것만으로도 감사하고, 예전의 나는 너에게 특별한 한 사람으로 기억되지 못해 안달이었는데 이제는 널 기쁘게 만드는 소원이라는 집단의 한 사람이 될 수 있어서 감사해.
    다 네 덕분이야. 네가 잘나서 이런 마음 가질 수 있었어. 내가 좋아하는 사람이 너라서, 마음이 점점 깊어질 수 있었어.
    이런 따뜻한 마음 가질 수 있게 해줘서, 이런 마음이 조금도 아깝지 않을 만큼 네가 좋은 사람이어서 정말 고마워. 그런 너를 좋아하게 되어서 참 다행이야.
    너에게서 너무나도 많은 걸 배웠어. 땀흘리며 최선을 다하는 사람이 얼마나 아름다운지, 자신의 일을 사랑하는 사람이 얼마나 빛나는지, 내가 사랑하는 사람의 행복을 지켜보는 것이 이렇게도 기쁜 일인지. 다 네가 가르쳐준 거야.
    파니야, 행복하길 바래. 진심으로. 오늘 뿐만 아니라 매일매일, 1년 365일이 내겐 너의 날이야.
    파니야, 내가 널 너무너무 많이 사랑해. 언제나 네가 사랑받고 있다는 사실을 잊지 않았으면 좋겠어.
    파니야, 생일 축하해.
    파니야, 다시 한번. 사랑해. 보고 싶다.

    - 네가 태어나줘서, 너를 보내주신 신께 감사드리는 2012.8.1